[CAMBRIDGE EXAMS] Keshav Porahoo Tops The World In Hindi!

Keshav Porahoo has scored the highest mark in Hindi in 2015 (Cambridge Higher School Certificate). The young achiever has always been keen on learning the Hindi language since his childhood. He used to attend Hindi classes at the temple of L’escalier.

Keshav received his trophee at the University of Mauritius on the 20th of June. Jane Henry, the representative of the University of Cambridge was present at the fucntion and commended him for his achievement.

Curious by nature, the young adult also participated in many debate competitions. At school, he used to come first in Hindi most of the times. He attended the Sookeo Bissondoyal State College till form 5 and then decided to go to MGI after his School Certificate results.

At HSC level, he opted for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as principal subjects and chose to do Hindi and GP as subsidiary subjects. Keshav now dreams of becoming an engineer.

He also shared that he used to revise a lot during exams period and said that he is thankful to his parents, relatives and teachers who supported him.

According to him, oriental languages are always a plus for anyone. In fact, learning one helps in getting accustomed to different cultures and hence, making one more broad-minded.

Keshav will soon join the University of Mauritius to pursue his degree. We wish him all the best!