[Trou D’eau Douce] Police Investigate In A Guest House: Receptionist Says “Je Ne Demande Pas Aux Couples Ce Qu’ils Font”

The police got information from an undisclosed source that illegal activities were taking place in a ‘Guest House’ at Trou-d’eau-Douce.

In light of accurate, the Woman Police Inspector Raymond and the sergeant Bundhoo from the Divisional Supporting Unit of Flacq overseen by the Assistant Superintendent of Police Babajee from the Field Intelligence Office and the Emergency Response Service elements landed at Le Rosier Guest House, Mount Bastille, Trou d’Eau Douce on Saturday night. Several women suspected of engaging in prostitution were arrested.

The receptionist of 47 years said she took her service at 3 PM. “L’une des clientes m’a dit que ces filles étaient ses amies. Bann tifi la ti pe atann ene ler pou al danse. Ou kone komie dimoun vinn isi pou pran lasam ? Je ne leur demande pas ce qu’ils vont y faire. Je me contente de retenir l’argent de la chambre. Si d’autres paiements interviennent, je ne suis pas au courant,” says this resident of Trou d’Eau Douce.

The police surrounded the area of the Guest House. Armed with a warrant, they searched the room suspected of being used in assists. In No. 4, a couple consisting of a woman of 42 years from Vacoas and a young man of 27 year old from Mare-La-Chaux was present inside. The latter was in underwear. When questioned, he confessed to police that he had sex with the woman against payment. Three other women occupied another room. The couple, the three women and the receptionist were driven to the police station in Trou d’Eau Douce. In her testimony, the receptionist confessed she knew that customers were conducting “tranzaksion” but she’s not responsible for what they do.

Among the girls surveyed were a resident of 23 years from St. Croix and a Quatrebornaise of 34 years. They deny the charges against them. “Nous nous sommes rendues à la Guest House pour célébrer un anniversaire,” they say.

After their testimony, the detainees were allowed to go home. The owner of Le Rosier Guest House was also questioned. “Je ne suis au courant de rien. C’est la réceptionniste qui gère tout,” he argued. The lady may be charged with “brothel keeping.”