[VIDEO] Petit-Verger: Joseph Michel Virginia, Disabled Septuagenarian Succumbed To His Burns

The village of Petit-Verger in St. Pierre is in shock. A fire broke out in the house of Joseph Michel Virginia aged 76 year old on Tuesday night. Badly burned, the septuagenarian was transported to Victoria Hospital in Candos. He succumbed to his burns at around 5 pm on Wednesday, July 6.

In a brief statement to the police after the fire, the victim said he was smoking when the cigarette accidentally fell on the couch where he was sitting. Unable to move quickly, the man was seriously affected.

Watch video of the house:


The fire broke out at around 10:30 PM. It was the neighbors who rushed to rescue the septuagenarian. An ambulance of the Medical Emergency Aid Department has been asked to evacuate Joseph Michel Virginia.

Forensic elements went on the scene of the tragedy to collect clues after the fire. The survey is conducted by the inspector Vishnu Oomur from St-Pierre police.