Salvage Of MV Benita: The State Does Not Accept Volunteer Experts

The state wants to reduce spending but prefers to refuse services from experts who want to advise as volunteers on the salvage of MV Benita at Le Bouchon.

The day after the accident, the Minister of the Environment Alain Wong had made it clear he will rely solely on Greek experts of the company Five Oceans Salvage (FOS) for the bailout of the Liberian bulk carrier of 44,132 tons.

The Ministry of Environment was immediately flooded with proposals including Mauritians settled abroad. Unfortunately, the central government said that regulations do not permit to recruit an unpaid expert..

In the meantime, FSO intends to use an explosive cord to implode the part of the volcanic plateau that was left in the hold 5 of the ship. The US explosives expert Guy DeMarsh will establish his work plan by the weekend. Naval architects transmitted information about the bailout which will occur after the end of the fuel pump and caulking holes in the double hull abroad.

The investigation by the Central Criminal Investigation Department stranding has experienced a significant development. A first report of the contents of the black box of the MV Benita was sent to the team of the Police Commissioner assistant Heman Jangi.