Telephony: 1.7 Million SIM Cards In Circulation In Mauritius

Mauritians are increasingly connected. Proof is 1.7 million SIM cards that are in circulation in 2015, 110,000 more compared to the previous year. Statistics Mauritius unveiled these figures covering 2015 on Friday July 8. Indicatively, the Republic of Mauritius consists of 1.233 million people on its territory in 2011, according to a Census Statistics Mauritius.

In 2015, access to mobile Internet has exceeded compared to that of fixed Internet, 464 200 subscribers against 197 400. Although prices remained unchanged, new packages have emerged.

The mobile is the preferred means of communication for voice conversations. Eight out of ten calls were made on a cell in 2015. Mauritians spend an average of 1 minute 40 in Mobile, against 2 minutes on a stationary.

The number of SMS exchanged which was down is back up with a growth of 3.8%. In 2015, 982 million SMS were exchanged in Mauritius.

The information technology and communication sector, which also includes the services segment experienced a boom. The growth rate reached 7% against 6.6% in 2014. This translates into the number of jobs which increased slightly about 1.8%. There were 15,006 people working in this sector at the end of December 2015.