[MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE] 47 Doctors Warned

In the past five years, the medical council has called to order 47 physicians with proven medical negligence. In most cases, the files are related to surgery or childbirth.

290 cases were referred to the Council of the Medical Association between 2010 and 2016. Of these, 171 were abandoned because they did not hold water. The figures of the Medical Council reveal that 25 doctors were warned: 13 received a simple warning and one doctor received a severe warning. “Warnings are, in most cases, for minor faults. We apply Article 19 of the Law “suggests a board member of the College of Physicians.

In addition, three doctors were reprimanded and among them, one severely. Eight others were given a notice to comply or to the Code of Practice. In this case, it is a generalist or a specialist who refuse to treat a patient without valid reasons. “It is when we consider the question of doctor explanations do not hold water we serve him such warning. ”

Moreover, the number of Medical Practitioners  referred to Medical Disciplinary Tribunal calls. 17 practitioners are concerned. This is essentially where there is loss of life during a surgery that such a sanction is provided. “This also applies to deliveries where the doctor, for example, could not save the newborn or the mother,” we are told at the Medical Council.

The Council of Physicians also discussed the case of issuing false medical certificates to patients. Four members of the profession have fallen into the this trap. In such situations, the case is referred to the police for investigation.

At the Ministry of Health, expectations are high. The minister, Anil Gayan, believes that the results are slow. It is in this context that the Ministry is considering the creation of a committee that will have sole objective of investigating complaints related to medical negligence cases. “We plan to make amendments to make the creation of a transparent system to better investigate such cases”, said Minister in the National Assembly on Tuesday.