SSRN Hospital: Six Individuals Assault A Doctor

They have assaulted him with blows to the head using bottle. Individuals allegedly assaulted a doctor at the SSRN hospital around 7 PM on Sunday, July 10 in the emergency department. According to our information, a patient accompanied his elderly mother who had a high fever at the emergencies. As is the procedure, the doctor asked the patient if he could give her a suppository. “Si la patiente avait refusé, le médecin lui aurait prescrit un autre traitement,” said a source at the hospital.

But the son of the woman did not appreciate the question from the doctor. “Il a commencé à hurler et à insulter le docteur. Il a proféré des menaces de mort à son encontre à plusieurs reprises,” says a person who witnessed the scene. She added that the man immediately used his cell phone and called people “pou vinn okip dokter“.

Witnesses recount that a quarter of an hour later, five people came to the emergencies and went to see the doctor. Police and the Divisional Supporting Unit elements of the Northern Region intervened.

A tranquilizer had to be administered to the doctor who was traumatized. He left the hospital after complaining to the police station of the medical establishment that evening. Solicited by L’Express, a representative of the Medical Health Officers Association says this is the third case of assault on a doctor in a month.