[VIDEO] Their Boat Capsized At Ilot Gabriel – Amal Etawor: “Nous avons du nager jusqu’aux brisants”

Amal Etawor (22 year old) and his three friends, Atish Moosye (23 year old), Dinesh Bundhoo (20 year old) and Avinash Oogadoo (25 year old) are still in shock after the fishing trip drama they experienced last Monday afternoon. Their boat capsized in the pass at Gabriel island and they had to swim with great difficulty up to the reefs before being rescued by elements of the National Coast Guard.

“Nous avons frôlé la mort.” Amal Etawor, still in shock told the story of the dramatic day. “Mes amis et moi installions le moteur de secours quand une vague a fait chavirer notre embarcation. Nous nous sommes retrouvés à l’eau,” says the resident of Grand Bay. The four friends struggled in the sea to save their skin. They had to reach the reefs because they were at sea and kilometers away from land. “C’était dur, mais nous étions déterminés ,” said Amal.

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Officers of the National Coast Guard (NCG) from Ile Plate who were on patrol sighted the four young people in difficulty and come to their aid. They were taken to Ile Plate where they spent the night. “Sur l’île, une connaissance nous a prêté des vêtements secs. Il a aussi averti nos familles de notre mésaventure,” says Amal Etawor.

On land, the mother of Amal was very worried for his son and friends. “Mo remersie bondie ki zot sen e sof,” says the fifties. She also argued that Amal is a “good boy” who did his best to keep the pot boiling.

The four friends were able to return home on Tuesday afternoon after being recovered by close relatives at Ile Plate. They were interrogated by coast guards of the police station of Grand Bay. The investigation is conducted by the chief inspector Bothille and his team, under the supervision of the ACP Domah, Divisional Commander Northern.