Inquiry About The GRSE Tragedy «Si tou dimounn ti asize bato pa ti pu savire»

The judicial inquiry to shed light on the tragedy that occurred at Grand River South East Flacq continues in court. On Wednesday 13th of July it was the turn of Vikram Sonnagee, skipper of a ferry testify. Together with his friend Akash Futtingum, he is one of the first witnesses of the tragedy. He believes that if everyone remains seated in a boat, it is impossible that it will capsize. He said this in response to a question by counsel for the skipper Marie Hayward, Chetan Baboolall. On Wednesday 8th of June his friend Akash Futtingum told him that a boat was in trouble.

They took his boat and went to help people who were clinging to the boat. A little girl was the first to be saved, but during that time, “there were people under the boat. I could not let my boat for me, otherwise it would have capsized, too. I brought four women and two men at the dock. At the same time, I saw the coastguard who went on site”

At the second crossing Vikram Sonnaggee, realised that «zot ti p essay lev bato la. Lerla zot in tir enn madam ek enn ti baba. Kan zot in met zot dan bato ban dimun inn essey reanim zot. Kot quai ban dimun ti p plore.»

Responding to Viren Ramchurn, counsel for the police officers, the witness added “Skipper bato la (Hayward Marie) in aide moi pu fer ban dimun monte lor mo bato. Mo pan truv nanier p floter ni gilet sa moman la.”

Responding to Chetan Baboolall, counsel for Mary Hayward, the witness recalled that there were big waves and the weather was inclement. «Normalman kan letam pa bon nu inform NCG pu dir ramas bato pa sorti. Mais sa zur la pan informe. Li praticab, mais dernier ler ki letan in gate. Bato la ti anviron 1 min 30 sec de so destinasyon. li ti pre.

Akash Futtingum, a cook by profession, was also interviewed by Pravin Harrah prosecution. «Mo ti dan snack, mone truv bato devire e mone galoupe mon al get Sonnagee. Monn dir li bato in devirer ek ena mo bo frer ladan (Neeharry). Noun al laba. Monn saute dan delo. Monn kriyer mo bo frer lin repon moi li korek. Li ti p agripe mais li dir ena dimun enba bato.»

At this time, Akash Futtingum had trouble controlling his tears. «Dimun ti p criyer ek plore. mone kumans donne coup de main pu fer banla monte dan bato. Ene ti zenfan – ene tifi – ti fini monte.(Il arrive difficilement parler). Mo ti tir madam la (Shamloll) mais linn re saute pu rod so zenfan. Monn bizin re al tir li.»

He explained that subsequently, it is the Coast Guard that later, jumped into the water to try to find survivors. «Enkor bato pecheur in vini. Monn dir coast guard ena dimun enba bato.ene ncg in zeter lerla. Monn essey plonge apres. Mo pann truv nanier. Partou ti noir. Me apre monn truv deux dimoun pe flote. Monn riss zot kot bato. Monn deman Hayward Marie kot gilet. Li repon moi dan bato. Monn monte dan bato coast guard. Ban dimun in sey lev bato ek la corde. Lerla zot in tir dimun.”