[VIDEO] Two Dead In Gris-Gris: One Of The Victim Called A Woman To Say ‘Goodbye’

We know a little about the tragedy occurred at Gris-Gris where two bodies were recovered on Wednesday afternoon July 13.

The elements of inquiry of the police has so far favored the thesis of a double suicide.

Both victims are named Paul Rene G., a French of 75 years officiating as a priest in the southwestern region and a woman, whose identity is still unknown at 3:50 PM.

Watch video below:


The French was “suffering” for some time, according to our investigation. He then phoned a woman early in the afternoon to say “goodbye!” Without giving further details. The lady then heard the sounds of an impetuous sea.

Another element collected by the police where witnesses said they saw a woman jump into the water at Gris-Gris.

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It was around 1:30 PM that the police were informed of the discovery of two bodies floating in the water at Gris-Gris.

The assistance of the police helicopter was asked to bring the two ground corpses.