Double Murder In France: Anwar Goolfee Evokes “a moment of madness”

What has really happened in the evening of July 1o in the neighborhood of Courtillières, in Pantin, Seine-Saint-Denis? Anwar Goolfee who lives in this town located in the northeast of Paris only acknowledged stabbing to death two women. He explained to the police that he acted in “a moment of madness.”

At this point, the motive of the attack remains unknown. But from a source close to the investigation, it has been made known that this case could turn around a minor allegation of fondling. However we have to wait for the judicial inquiry.

Anwar Goolfee revealed how he killed the two women. On Sunday July 10 at around 6:15 PM, Amel and Chrystelle, two childhood friends, came to his apartment. Anwar Goolfee was alone and his wife went to a birthday party on that day. He was preparing himself to watch the final of Euro 2016 when he heard someone ringing at the door. Chrystelle, his neighbor was the one who came at his place.

Arrested without resistance

The latter has three children: a girl of ten years, another one of eight years and a son whom she raised alone. According to a source, she accused Anwar of committing fondling on her eldest daughter, a few days before the tragedy. Chrystelle came to ask for explanations to the Mauritian and she was accompanied by Amel, a friend of Tunisian origin, who lives in the town of Dreux.

According to Anwar Goolfee, the two women had a chisel in their possession. When he opened the door, the two women begun to speak up, alerting the neighborhood. There were blows involved as well, and at that time, Anwar Goolfee stabbed Chrystelle with the chisel. Wounded, she fell on the floor. Meanwhile Amel, slightly wounded, fled. However, Anwar caught her on the stairs and assaulted her before returning to his apartment.

Anwar Goolfee called the police and firefighters before calling her family in Mauritius. When the police arrived, they discovered a corpse in the lobby and another one on the floor at Anwar Goolfee’s apartment. Anwar was on the phone sitting in front of his TV. He was arrested without any resistance.