Murder At Eau Coulee: Saminaden Vyapooree, A Close Relative To Anwar Nandoo Arrested

After the body of Mohammad Anwar Nandoo was found last Monday night in Eau Coulee, sleuths of the Crime Branch arrested Saminaden Vyapooree. He has denied being the author of the crime, but he says maintaining an affair with the wife of the victim.

A 45-year old kebab merchant was arrested in the murder of Anwar Mohammad Nandoo. Saminaden Vyapooree aka Jessen denied being the perpetrator. However, the inhabitants of Castel told investigators that he maintains an affair with the wife of the victim, Josiane (name changed).

“Mo konn Anwar so madam depi lanfans e depi nou lanfans nou kontan nou kamarad. Je suis son premier amour,” he told investigators from the Criminal Investigation Division of Curepipe. After interrogation he was taken into custody. The suspect appeared in court in Curepipe where a provisional murder charge was brought against him on Friday. The police objected to his release on parole and he was taken into police cell.

The body of Mohammad Anwar Nandoo was found at his home in the afternoon of Monday, July 11. The autopsy revealed that he died of a fractured skull. The day before, the man aged 56 went to a party at his wife’s place at Castel. The latter said: “Anwar est venu chez moi dimanche soir car je l’avais invité. Bien que nous soyons séparés, nous avons toujours gardé contact. Nous avons consommé des boissons alcooliques et ce n’est que lundi, vers 1 heure du matin, qu’il a quitté mon domicile pour rentrer chez lui.” Investigators seized the mobile phone of Josiane.

She cohabited with a man named Frederick since 6 months. Since then, he died of a natural death after being beaten. This attack was followed by no arrest.

The brother of the victim said he’s unaware of Anwar Nandoo surroundings. “Depi 25 an, depi Anwar finn marie, nou pa tro frekante. On se parlait rarement. C’est difficile de dire s’il avait des ennuis avec quiconque, car il ne racontait jamais ses problèmes.”

It was Bilkiss Donovan, daughter of Mohammad Anwar Nandoo, who discovered the lifeless body of his father last Monday, July 11. She explained that she called her father several times but he did not answer. She went to Eau Coulee to visit him. Then she made the gruesome discovery. She immediately informed a neighbor who alerted the police. She added, “Je suis allée dans toutes les pièces de la maison pour voir où il aurait pu tomber. Il n’y avait aucune trace de sang. Sa mort est étrange. S’il a été agressé, je souhaite que les coupables soient retrouvés au plus vite.”