Latchimy injuries were “superficial”

The autopsy of Jean Julien Latchimy Marouff Hadji, 39, known by the nickname Tiloute took place Sunday, August 7 at 10 am. It was performed by Dr. Satish Boolell in the presence of the pathologist who conducted the first exercise. According Larifou Said, lawyer Latchimy family, the report of Dr Satish Boolell emphasizes that the injuries were “superficial” and that therefore he didn’t succumb to his lacerations to the abdomen and neck.

The first autopsy attributed the death of Julian Latchimy to sepsis (infection). This is also the conclusion of the former leader of the forensic department who said that the islanders died from an infection of his wounds; he even contracted jaundice. According Said Larifou, this finding has prompted Dr Satish Boolell to believe that proper care was not provided.

Other injuries were found on the back of Julien Latchimy. The body will possibly be repatriated on Monday.

Following this autopsy, the family decided to take the case to the Mauritian justice. Larifou alleges that there was medical negligence. The two autopsies will be compared in the context of the investigation.

A complaint had already been filed on gray areas surrounding the events of 19 July, at Chemin-Grenier and the death of Julian Latchimy . Said Larifou says he expects the details of the investigation, especially regarding weapons retrouvéessur places. The lawyer intends to call neighbors, family and friends Wendyna Narayanasawmy at trial. “He will need to know their agenda of July 19, and even talk to the islanders that the mother of the girl was to meet that day .”

The family has also blamed Rosebelle hospital in the death of the islanders.” He has three children and they will want to know the truth ,” says Said Larifou.

Robbed his house

Saturday, the police of Saint-Leu, discovered that the house and the religious temple were broken into. Several items were taken.