[Local News] Schools Will Not Be Closed On Thursday September 1, The Day Of Solar Eclipse

Students are reminded not to look at the Sun with the naked eye. Institutions also bought special glasses for the solar eclipse day. At each school, a plan was developed to allow the students to make the most.

Will Not Be Closed On Thursday September 1

However, Soondress Sawminaden, president of the Union of Rectors and assistant rectors and Vinod Seegum, president of the Government Teachers’ Union, are asking to close schools because of the risk that this eclipse can cause for students. But no provision has been made in this direction at the level of the Ministry of Education. Students are advised to take precautions.

It is dangerous to look at the Sun with the naked eye because the rays can damage the retina. It is recommended to use glasses, telescopes and binoculars properly filtered. One can also use a mirror to project the reflection of sun on a white wall or preferably look at the reflection in a container of water.

The solar eclipse will be visible in Madagascar, Reunion Island and in several regions of central Africa. Special arrangements have been made at the Sister Island which will be in darkness for more than three hours. A 17% increase in tourist arrivals was noted.