[Video] Model Lets Her Best Friend Have Sex With Her Boyfriend On Camera

WARNING: Contains graphic sexual content.

Boyfriends are temporary but best friends are forever, according to this pair of American pals.

Lena and Emily share everything – even sex – and in this video posted to Lena the Plug’s YouTube channel, they recount that time they ‘collab’d on a dick’.

They retell the whole story in honour of a little sex-periment they have planned: A threesome with the guy Lena is currently dating.

After befriending each other a year ago in LA, just one week later Emily was invited to an unidentified rapper’s Hollywood party – and asked Lena to tag along for moral support.

One thing led to another and Lena was tagged into some NSFW fun, too, which led to a threesome described as both ‘hot’ and ‘awkward’.

After telling their story, Lena explains why they want to submit to the awkwardness again:

So I’ve been seeing Adam for a few months and we’re both pretty sexually open to having other girls join.

It’s kind of weird and controversial to have your best friend join but I trust Emily and it could be kind of fun. So Adam is gonna come over in an hour and we’re gonna have sex with him.

Then we’re gonna talk about it.

You can watch the full candid video below:

While the duo’s sex positivity and openness is undoubtedly a good thing, this content is certainly verging on the pornographic.

It marks a new generation of young vloggers making their own way into the porn industry, blurring the lines between their personal and professional personas.

Maybe, along the way, when people stop slut-shaming them in the comments section, we could all learn from their – albeit extreme – attitudes to normalising sexual activity and publishing amateur pornography that encourages responsible sex.